Our Instructors

Nidovi Tobing (Dovi)


– Aerial Yoga TT Online Course,  level 1 by CamiyogaAIR

– Aerial Yoga TT Course – Module 1 by Desmond Ong, Singapore

– Aerial Hammock Instructor by Xpert International

– Aerial Hoop Instructor by Xpert International

– Children’s Pole & Aerial Instructor by Xpert International

– 50 hours and 100 hours Yoga TT by Purinawa Yoga, Jakarta

– Intensive Course, Spinning Hammock by Avoyoga, Singapore


Hi there! I’m Dovi, aerial fitness enthusiast turned principal instructor at Aerial Jooga Studio. My journey began in 2019 as a simple hobby, but it quickly spiraled into a full-blown passion for teaching aerial. I’ve committed not only to perfecting these disciplines but also to spreading the excitement and elegance they offer to anyone ready to embark on this adventure. Ready to defy gravity and explore your strength in a unique and exhilarating way? Let’s soar together into the world of aerial fitness!

Theresia Abigail (Tasha)


– Aerial Hammock Instructor by XPERT International 

– Purinawa Yoga – 50hours Hatha Yoga

– Purinawa Yoga – 100hours Vinyasa Yoga

– PADI – Emergency First Responders (EFR) – Primary Care (CPR) & Sec Care (1st aid)



Tasha primarily joined aerial hammock simply to accompany her friend who wanted to try something new. She later found that it can help her to face her fear of heights. After joining few classes, she didn’t only diminished her fears but also demolished her back pain. Now, she is an experienced aerial hammock instructor with over 150 hours of teaching experiences. With a passion for fitness and movement, Tasha is dedicated to helping students of all levels discover the joy and artistry of aerial hammock.

With a comprehensive understanding of aerial techniques, safety protocols, and anatomical awareness, Tasha creates a nurturing and empowering environment in her classes. Whether teaching beginners or seasoned practitioners, she strive to instill confidence, build strength, and unlock creativity in her students.

Tasha believes in the transformative power of aerial hammock as a dynamic form of fitness and expression. Her ability to break down complex movements into accessible steps allows students to progress at their own pace and achieve their goals. Tasha’s dedication to ongoing professional development ensures to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in related fields. Her commitment to excellence and genuine passion for aerial arts shines through in every class, leaving students inspired and motivated to reach new heights.

Michelle Kosasih (Mish)

Certifications :

– Aerial Hammock Instructor by XPERT International 

– Intensive Course spinning hammock by Avoyoga, Singapore


I started my aerial journey since  2021, I love to share the fun experience and hope you all got the benefits of Aerial. Thank you for joining my class hope you all enjoy the class

Claresta Jocelin (Clare)

Certifications :

– ARAD, Royal Academy of Dance, London

– Aerial Hammock Instructor by XPERT International


I started aerial hammock to maintain my flexibility and strength since I no longer do ballet. Turns out it was so fun and challenging at the same time and I felt the benefit from the aerial hammock for my body. And that’s why I’d love to share the benefit of aerial hammock with people around me 🤍

Abbeygail Gautama (Abby)

Certifications :

– Fitness Aerial Hoop by XPERT International


I started Aerial Hoop back in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic as a means to entertain myself but found myself in love with being in the air. Not only is it a fun and elegant sport, it also a challenging form of art that pushes me to be stronger and also more creative. I enjoy exploring how far I can push my limits in a fun way and hope that I can help you explore yours too!

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